Cosmeceuticals hochdosierte Systemkosmetik

Cosmeceuticals high-dose system cosmetics

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JetCeuticals understands under Cosmeceuticals a high-dose system cosmetics with dermatologically tested high-tech active ingredients.

That's why we primarily rely on plant-based materials and biological processes and are inspired by nature.

What exactly are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals products contain the highest possible concentration of high-tech active ingredients that are approved before they are classified as medicines. 

This is:

  • Antioxidants
  • Retinoids
  • Vitamins
  • Peptides
  • Minerals

The potential for effectiveness is maximized. Extracts and substances from plant stem cells, plant cultures, active ingredients with inhibitory, stimulating or regulating effects.

What are ceramides?

All creams from JetCeuticals contain natural barrier substances in the form of Ceramides and phosphatidylcholine, the most important component of all cell membranes.

This cream base imitates the lamellar structure of the hydro-lipid barrier and supports the protective function of the skin.

Innovative active ingredient concepts, a combination skin-identical lipids and ceramides On the one hand, they support the prevention of keeping the skin healthy and, on the other hand, prevent existing barrier damage in order to regenerate it and fundamentally improve its condition.

All JetCeutcals creams at a glance:

  • Matrix Repair light / rich
  • High Tech Cream
  • Pure Fluid DMS light
  • Anti-Ox Day Cream SPF 30

What helps against moisture loss?

So can Disturbances in the skin barrier , as well Moisture loss be balanced. The effect the professional products achieve depends entirely on the individual skin characteristics. Whether providing moisture, skin tightening, sebum regulation or anti-aging, our innovative active ingredients work on different levels.

How do I find my beauty routine?

Individual product combination on her Skin need matched that perfectly your type fit and your daily Beauty routine highly effective supplements.

Of course they are Cosmeceuticals Available for every skin need. From cleansing with sugar and cokostenside to tonic with salicylic acid to moisturizing with ceramides, unique active ingredients ensure that your skin shines from the inside out. This means they have a higher effectiveness profile. They serve particularly to preserve the natural environment Skin protective barrier and prevent premature skin aging.

If you place a lot of value on active ingredient cosmetics with that certain something, you've come to the unique ones JetCeuticals products correct.

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