So erkennen Sie einen guten Lichtschutzfaktor

This is how you recognize a good sun protection factor

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How to recognize a good UV filter in creams

Not all UV filters are the same. While some products reliably protect the skin, others are not photostable - this means that they break down under UV radiation and gradually lose their protective effect.

But there are other reasons why you should pay close attention to the ingredients when buying sun protection products: Some UV filters can enter the bloodstream and thus influence the important metabolic processes in the body. Allergies can also be caused by some chemical UV filters - such reactions are often incorrectly classified as sun allergies.

Place value on the following properties:

  • The UV filter must be photostable
  • It should have no influence on metabolism
  • A UV filter must not cause allergies
  • It must not penetrate the skin

4 tips on how to recognize a good UV filter

Buying the right sun protection is not always easy. These tips will help you quickly identify good products.


Pay attention to the ingredients

All the necessary information about sun protection can be found on the back of the bottle - the ingredients are listed here. Find out which ingredients are positive, which are better avoided and which are the important UV filters.


Attention: several UV filters in one product

It often happens that manufacturers use more than just one UV filter in their products. Rather, several filters are often combined with each other - and unlike in the USA, for example, UV filters are not labeled as such. So you need an overview of the names.


The importance of sun protection factor

When buying sunscreen, most people pay particular attention to the sun protection factor. The higher this value is, the longer you can stay in the sun without freshening up. However, the following is important: The sun protection factor only protects against UVB radiation, i.e. against the trigger for sunburn.


Important: Protection against UVA radiation

UVA radiation, on the other hand, causes our skin to age. Dermatologists recommend high UVA protection in addition to UVB protection. When buying sun protection, pay attention to the additional UVA seal, also called PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening). This is awarded when the UVA protection is a third of the UVB protection and protects against pigmentation of the skin.



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